Monday, 30 April 2012

My presence at InterNosCon 2012

Finally this year – after years of benchwarming – I’m going to participate to InterNosCon 2012. I’ll be there for all the three days (May, 18th-20th) with Alex “il Mietitore” and Ernesto “Klaus” in the role of roommates.

I’m going here to play 21 Guns (by Iacopo Frigerio), Fiasco’s playset De Medici (by Giulia Barbano and Renato Ramonda) and Trollbabe (by Ron Edwards). I’m also going to bring with me some of my favourite role-playing games to let other players try them. First of all Escape from Tentacle City (by Willow Palecek) and, last but not least (at least in my hopes), my Game Chef 2012 entry, Ultimo Viene il Coyote (Eng. “The Coyote Comes Last”).

Down here there is my “official calendar” for InterNosCon 2012:

Friday, 27 April 2012

Ultimo Viene il Coyote

Anche questa volta ho deciso di partecipare al Game Chef 2012 con un’entry per la categoria “Pummarola Ediscion”, riservata agli aspiranti designer italiani. È una novità di quest’anno, resa possibile dagli sforzi congiunti di Giulia Barbano, Mario Bolzoni (per le valutazioni volte a selezionare da 1 a 3 giochi, tra i più votati dai partecipanti nella fase di recensione) e Raffaele “Rafu” Manzo (che tradurrà i giochi che passeranno la fase italiana di recensione per unirsi a quelli della fase internazionale), che voglio qui ringraziare.

Ma ora passiamo a presentare la mia entry (qui il post originale):

Chef: Daniele Di Rubbo 
Titolo: Ultimo Viene il Coyote 
Presentazione-lampo: L’Apocalisse del Dr. Tezcatlipocalisse divora la Madre Terra, ma la Lanterna di Jack risveglia i Coyote che lotteranno per il lieto fine. 
Conteggio parole: 3.100 (“no more no less, 3.100 being 3.100 and 3.100 being 3.100”). Non ho contato il colophon, l’indice e l’appendice alla fine (che è in tutto e per tutto materiale aggiuntivo). Il gioco vero e proprio va da p. 7 a p. 26, e sono 3.100 parole precise. Davvero, è l’unica cosa che serve leggere per capire il gioco: il resto è fuffa. Se non volete leggerla, non leggetela. 
Eleggibilità: Credo di sì.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Hell 4 Leather: Play Aids

And this time here I came with two play aids for Joe Prince’s Hell 4 Leather, a pick-up role-playing game published in Italian by Coyote Press. The first one a reference sheet where the players can take notes about the setting and the characters of the current game, the second one is a game board which can be helpful while demonstrating the game to new players or to follow the game in a better way and where one can place the tarot decks.

By now the two play aids are available only in Italian. You can download them here (or in the “Download” area):

Monday, 27 February 2012

180 Km/h (aka “111 mph”)

Yesterday my friend Alex (aka “il mietitore” aka “Revan Adler”), while washing his teeth, had a mad vision of a role-playing game designed for two players and created it in few hours (in Italian and English). The game revolves around a parachutist whose parachute does not open; in his last 5 minutes of life he recalls all his life. I suggest you to check it on the link below!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Trollbabe: Editable PC Sheet

And here we are another of my editable PDF issues in the field of player handouts. This time it’s an editable PDF PC sheet for the Italian edition of Trollbabe (Ron Edwards, 2002) I’ve just bought at the “Lucca Comics & Games” fair.

Enjoy it!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Vampire: The Masquerade Hackbird Released

At the end of September I announced the release of my Vampire: The Masquerade hackbird for the Vampire Celebration in Sirmione (Italy) on October, 9th. I hardly managed to complete my work, and it is probably crippled in some (little, I hope) point, but the hack as a whole seemed good to me.

People at the Celebration were really nice, and the party I played with was really Malkavian-like (the guys, not the characters). So we enjoyed so much with improbable scenes (especially in the end) about the vampires at the Elysium. If we had behaved like that in a classical Vampire: The Masquerade adventure, probably the poor Storyteller would have hardly managed to get together those foolish happenings. But this is an hackbird (thanks John Harper)!

So, in my opinion, the outcome of this first “playtest” was positive. If you desire to, you can download my Vampire hackbird (only in Italian, at the moment) here:

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Vampire: The Masquerade Hackbird

Actually I’m working for a Vampire: The Masquerade “hackbird” (i.e. a color hack based on John Harper’s Lady Blackbird) for its 20th anniversary. I’m writing it in Italian, since I wish to present it to an audience of Italian players, maybe on October, 9th.

Stay tuned for other news. If it should be successful I think I’ll also translate it in English. But no promises, at the moment (I don’t even know if I can complete the work in time – I hope so…).